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   Professional Shuttle Service and Logistic-Solutions.

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ABx Transfer Service

When it comes to your Personal Ground Transfer needs be it for your staff, your Expats or cooperate services, to and from the Airport or Daily Business Transfers in Trinidad or the Sister isls , you will find our services is Top Class...

Security is our main concern in getting you there and on time...

Having a Layover at any of our Destinations, Don't sit in the Airport ..Trust us to show off these Country's main attraction sites with your own personal Tour Guide around your layover or Stay time...

Safety at Caribbean Airports

Myth: When you get to an Airport in the Caribbean on a Layover never leave the property: it’s too dangerous.

Reality: There is crime everywhere in the world, but Caribbean travelers are rarely the targets of violent crime. Petty theft is not unheard of, but most can be prevented if you take some common-sense precautions, like locking your car and carrying money in a front pocket.

There is plenty of poverty in the Caribbean, yes, and living conditions may seem shocking at times. But most Caribbean people are friendly, and you're missing out on a great cultural experience if you spend your whole trip hiding behind your hotel walls or Airport.

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